Protecting Our Packages During Shipping

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Protecting Our Packages During Shipping

About a year ago, we realized that we had a lot of customer complaints tied to our shipping procedures. We had people tell us that their products were damaged upon arrival and that we needed to work on handling items more carefully. To figure out what was going on, I spent a few days evaluating our shipping procedures. I found several deficiencies, which I addressed right away. I want other business owners to understand the importance of careful shipping, which is why I made this website. Read here to learn more about shipping, packaging, and making sure that your customers are happy.

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Tips For Choosing The Right Industrial Packaging For Aerospace Components And Products

When manufacturers are ready to ship their finished products to customers, the proper packaging must be used all of the time. If items don't reach their destinations safely and in excellent condition, the company could suffer the expensive consequences of replacing or rebuilding new parts from scratch. This is particularly relevant for the aerospace industry, due to the complex nature of the components. Even a small bit of damage sustained while in transit can affect the successful construction of an aircraft or essential piece of equipment. The following tips will help you select industrial packaging for the aerospace products that your company must transport. 

1) Find industrial packaging that is highly durable on both the exterior and interior to effectively protect your products during travel. 

As your items move throughout the shipping process, your packages will be handled multiple times in a variety of environments. Not everyone will exercise caution for your packages, even if you leave clear instructions for care on the labels. For this reason, you must find a solution that will withstand any situation that could arise once the shipment leaves your factory, including weather conditions, jostling from excessive movement, and impact if the package is dropped. If you manufacture delicate aircraft parts that must remain stable during the entire trip, you'll need to use packaging that contains protective padding to absorb shock and vibration within the container. The outside of your packaging should be robust as well. Try to find packaging with a rugged exterior that can survive rough handling and a wide span of temperature extremes. 

2) Look for packaging that can be customized to completely accommodate the size and shape of your specific products. 

Although most packaging options come in standard measurements, this is not always the optimal choice for aerospace components. The specifications for aircraft parts are quite diverse, resulting in products that range from heavy and bulky to compact and fragile. Review your items and determine the proper packaging size and shape that will be necessary. For example, you may need a large square crate to transport a section of passenger seating, or perhaps you require a smaller interlocking case for a piece of navigational lighting. Traditional packaging might not be adequately shaped to safely fit the items without disturbing the integrity of the components. An industrial packaging supplier can create a solution based upon your unique stipulations to suitably shelter your products along the way. 

3) Use industrial packaging that provides ample security so that the aerospace products inside cannot be tampered with at any point. 

When critical parts must be shipped, it's important to utilize packaging that doesn't allow for prohibited access to the contents. Whether the items are for a commercial airliner, a military fighter jet, or a spacecraft, aerospace components are often subject to increased security measures. To guarantee that your products are not touched by unauthorized people, be sure to choose packaging with enhanced features. Some possible things to look for are tamper-resistant markings around the outer edges of the packaging, RFID sensors or tags, and special holograms that signal when a package has been manipulated. If the industrial packaging you like doesn't offer any security elements, don't hesitate to ask the packaging supplier what techniques are used instead to ensure that your products will be safeguarded from theft or interference. 

Shipping out components for the aerospace industry doesn't need to be a challenge. When you choose packaging with the right durability, size, and security features, you'll be able to rest assured that your products will arrive on schedule and intact every single time.